Tutorial help

I am new to this program and is reading the manual. I dont understand how this reading (50N, 40%) is obtain from the graph. Refer to AnyBody Tutorials Ver 3.0 page 14.


Hello Sadper,

Since the analysis contains only one time step, the ChartFX view cannot draw a graph. So you have to select a column diagram from the gallery and you will get what’s shown in the picture. You access the gallery from one of the toolbar buttons.


Hi John, I get the what is attachment in the picture. But how do i know that is 50N or 40%. The x-axis is showing something like 0,63 and y-axis is 2,50e-001.


Well, you don't, the picture in the tutorial doesn't look like it corresponds to the text correctly. It looks like it is about half the load. So if the results say 2,5e-001 then it is 25% activation (25% would be 50N if max possible force of that muscle was 200N). When I quickly tried that load-case myself using v3.1 & BRep6.1 & "a standing model" I got roughly 40%. So my guess is: not a fully updated tutorial (due to shifts between software and repository versions).


That is right, the picture has not been updated and does not correspond to the text anymore. So the picture should display a 4,00e-001 value (40%). I just want to precise that the 50N are not visible in the graph because this is the load applied to the right hand, and it is defined earlier in the tutorial. The graph only displays the maximum muscle activity over time.

Best regards, Sylvain.

Okay. Thanks alot. I just want to ensure that i am following the tutorial correctly and obtain what the tutorial get.


hi their,
i am using seated model from the repository i want to modified it for car seat with both the hands holding the steering and one of the foot pressing the pedal. how can i make change in the seated model?

Hi jassi782002,

You can go to the hand segement (both the left and the right) and the steering wheel and add in a node. After that you can create a link to the node.