Tutorial Lesson 4 : Kinematic Measures AnyMuscleViaPoint

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I have a question.
I am studying Tutorial Lesson 4.

URL:Lesson 4: Kinematic Measures — AnyBody Tutorials v7.4.3

One of the classes in Measures.any file is not found.
Measures.any (5.8 KB)

The class name is AnyMuscleViaPoint.

Why is it not activated like a tutorial?

Please check the attached photo.


Hi Minjihyun

Which version of AnyBody are you using?

I would suggest you to update to the latest version. I don't see this problem with the latest version.

In the meantime, I would also suggest you to look at the tutorials shipped with your version of AnyBody (you can find those through the Help menu). They would be compatible with your version. The online tutorials are updated to be compatible with the latest version of AnyBody.

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