Upper body with C3D data

Hi, AnyBody,

I am using AMMR 1.2 version.
I had one problem when running kinematics with my upper body model, which is simulated a computer work task.

The kinematics error is now at 0.17. I don’t know how to solve it and make my model run the kinematic analysis. Does it matter I have to match the posture to the task in the Mannuquin.any file?

Or, is it a better way to use GaitFullBody model as a template to run my C3D file?

Thanks for your help!


Hi Cathy,

I have taken a look at your model and made it run.

There was two main issues:
there was a driver between pelvis and the ground the location of global ref and pelvis made it impossible for it to assemble
You have one marker driver on the shoulder, with this type of configuration you will need to drive the clavicle rotation, there are non of the markers which can drive this dof.

in the process of resolving the problem i made changes in the attached files.

You will need to add a AnyReacForce between the pelvis and the ground to have some support for the pelvis.

We always recommend to use the gait models for any mocap driven model because they have been constructed in a way that makes it easier to run the model and export the motions from one study to another where you can run the inverse dynamic simulation.

Best regards