Upper limbs, neck, and head from Plugin Gait MultiTrial StandingRef were not driven by MoCap markers

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I am trying to use Plugin Gait MultiTrial StandingRef model with my new mocap data. My mocap was captured during activities that involve upper body and limbs. I used a separate mocap file for static standing ref for ParameterIdentification. And ran RunAnalysis with several other dynamic trials.

The simulation was successful with no error. However, my model's upper limbs (in the Model View) seem to hugging himself throughout the simulation and was not driven by the markers. Similar to AMMR's squatting trials.

I have switched on Right and Left Arm, Muscles, and Shoulder Rhythm; Trunk Muscles, Ligaments, DiscStiffness, and Rhythm in BodyModelConfig.any

I also have switched on Right and Left UpperArm, LowerArm, and Hand Length for OptimizeAnthropometric.

I even put #define INCLUDE_UPPERBODY ON in the BodyModelConfig.any

When looking at the JointAngleOutputs in Studies, results for T12-L1 is available but does not change for any of the cervical spine or upper limbs.

Please let me know what else do I need to set in order to get the output for head, neck, and upper limbs as my research is focussing heavily on the upper body. I am currently using AMMRv2.3.0.

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The model you have used as a starting point do not have markers on the arms, instead it has some drivers defined in the file "extradrivers.any"

You will need to two things:
In the markerprotocol.any file you enable the arm markers using the switches in the top of the file, and define new marker drivers if the ones available in the file do not match yours.

Secondly in the "extradrivers.any" file you need to disable the weak drivers for the arm dof's

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