Use my own C3D file

I open the MoCap_FullBody Model and change the C3D file in “Input/TrialSpecificData.any” . But when I load, It shows “\MocapModel\Model\Mannequin.any was not found!” .
I do not understand why it loads normally when I change the C3D file back to its original file. I find the Input file contains many “txt.”. May this be the reason?
I also hope sincerelly someone can supply me with the whole process about how to make the model do according to my C3D file.
Thanks a lot!

Hi Lydian,

Which version of AMMR are you using ?

Judged on the name of the main file I think you might be using an older version. In these version you need to first run the kinematic analysis then reload and run inverse analysis, in the most recent version of the mocap models no reloads are required and the model is in general easier to use.

To fix you problem in the old version, set the flags like below in the main file and run the kinematics then reverse the 0 and 1 reload and run inverse analysis.

#ifndef MotionAndParameterOptimizationModel
#define MotionAndParameterOptimizationModel 1

//Set this to 1 if you want to run the inverse dynamic analysis
#ifndef InverseDynamicModel
#define InverseDynamicModel 0

The error you get is because the inverse analysis is missing the motion txt files related to the new trial, this is why the model is ok again when you shift back to the old trial where these txt files has been already generated.

Best regards

Thanks for your reply and sorry for my delay.
I have updated this sofeware to 6.1.1 and I think the version of AMMR is not so old.
As for my question, I think I may not say it clearly and I am sorry foe that!
My purpose is to make the model jump onto an inclined plane with only C3D file driving the model. And I would like to get muscle force and predict the GRF.
Then, I am on my first step. I have got the C3D file without a force plate. All I want to do now is to use the C3D file to drive the model (maybe the MoCap_model or not). I do not know what I need to do exactly.
May I accomplish the process by changing some language in Mocap_model? If so, I sincerely hope you can supply me with some videos or PDFs. If not, what should I do?
I have saw many Webcast, But most of them are about the analysis about the results instead of showing the process.

Hi Lydian,

Please have a look at this section of the wiki

It explains how to use the mocap model from AMMR 1.6. using your own data. This is an old version of the mocap model which has been restructured recently. The main concepts are still the same, but in the new model there is no reload needed to shift from kinematics to inverse analysis, and there are numerous other improvements in the model.

I hope it helps you move on, otherwise please ask again.

Best regards

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