Using TLEM2.0 leg model in older AMS version

Hi all, I am using AnyBody 6.0 to build a human model but at the same time I want to use the TLEM2.0 leg model. However, it seems that there are a lot of new definitions used and AMS 6.0 cannot recognize them correctly. I saw in some papers that TLEM 2.0 can be used in AMS 6.0. Therefore, I would like to ask whether there is any method for me to implement it. Thank you.


Hi Thomas,

AMS are constantly evolving and new objects appears, these objects are often used in the AMMR models in order to improve them. There is no guarantee that new models can run with older version of AMS. On the other hand we strive hard to allow old models to be able to load in new AMS version.

The first version available of TLEM 2.X in AMMR is TLEM2.1, it is possible that you would be able to modify this model to run in AMS6.0 but do not recall exactly which objects was missing in AMS6.0 in this respect, so I am not able to say how easy/difficult this would be.

I would recommend using the newest versions of AMS and AMMR, there has been many improvements since AMS 6.0.

Best regards

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