varying velocity

is it possible to compare an experimental isokinetic testing with varying the velocity for leg flexion and extension (leg press) with the AnyBody simulation? I think by varying the velocity there is a difference in the muscle recruitment pattern for the M. quadriceps, but it seems to have a biological theoretical background. Can AnyBody produce changing in the muscle recruitment pattern by changing the speed of movement? Thank you. It´s the first time I post some Question and I´m nervous if you will understand.

Hello Heike,
I can think of the following cases where varying velocity will cause a difference

  1. If there are velocity-dependent forces in the system, such as centrifugal forces, gyroscopic forces or Coriolis forces.

  2. If the larger velocity also leads to larger accelerations (which it often will).

  3. If you use the three-element Hill muscle model, which includes contraction dynamics. In this case, the faster the muscles contract, the weaker they will be.

I hope that helps.

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