Very High Reaction Forces using Mocap

Hello I am a new Anybody user and I am trying to run gait simulation from my C3D dataset using the Mocap/plug-in-gait/multi-trial files from AMMR .

More specificaly, I am interested in the knee joint. After finishing setting up my standing model I run the gait model.The knee reaction forces I get are very high. e.g. the proximodistal reaction force is 6000 N.
What could be the cause of this and how should I approach it?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Konstantinos,
Welcome to the forum.
The problem could be in more than 1 area - from wrong lab measurements to adjusting the model to your data, and potentially problems in the model itself. Could you describe how the model is being set up? Do you use your own GRF or you predict GRF using our methods? Could you send a screenshot of high KRF displaying RF vectors?
Kind regards,

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