visualization of forces


in the release note to version 6 i delightedly read that
“In Model View’s properties, rendering options for force visualization are available.”

Does this mean that i can visualize joint reaction forces directly in the GUI?

What is the easiest way to show JointReactionForces in the ModelView?

When i right click on … Contraints.Reaction.Fout there is the choice ModelView/Forces/Show. What is this about?

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Hi Thomaz,

One of the new features in version 6 is the ability to visualize forces in the modelview. The easiest way to do this with a loaded model is to right-click anywhere on the model in the modelview and select the following in the context popup menu:

Main->Forces->(Auto-Generated View)Show

This will show a visualization of the current forces in the model. For example: The reaction forces will be shown as Black arrows with red tips (you can hover the mouse over a force arrow to see which one it is).

Please note that the simulation needs to be in a state where forces have been calculated for any forces to be shown (for example during Inverse Dynamics).

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Hey, thanks, it works, great.

Some further questions:

How/Is it possible to visualize only certain forces to increase clarity (selection/deselection of force groups, e. g.)?

I assume that the lines which are sometimes longer than the arrows represent the magnitude of forces. Is it possible to adjust line and/or arrow lengths?

Can this be read somewhere in the documentation/tutorials. (Could not find it yet.)

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I have to admit that this is still a little work in progress, so there is not much info available. It is more to give a quick overview. Several of the things you are asking for do not exist yet.

There is a little youtube video about the ModelView, it might be very basic for you, but please have a quick look.

If you right click in the model tree on a segment, or on a folder, you can visualize only forces of selected folders or of selected segments, etc…

Magnitude can not be changed (yet).

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Thanks Amir,

did not realize that right clicking in the model tree allows for enabling forces of certain joints separately. That’s very nice!