what is the unit?

what is the unit of Lm?? the length of the muscle’s contractile element.

what is the mean of pos, vel, acc in chart?? and its unit??

The units for the Lm is (m). Lm is the length of the contractile element projected into the tendon direction, i.e., Lm=Lce*cos(gamma) where gamma is the fiber pennation angle.
Pos, Vel, and Acc are short forms for position, velocity, and acceleration, respectively. If the kinematic variable is transnational (or sometimes called linear), those will be in (m), (m/s), and (m/s^2), respectively. However, if they are rotational quantities, they will be in (rad), (rad/s), and (rad/s^2), respectively.

Hope it helps.
Mohammad S. Shourijeh, PhD
AnyBody Team