What‘s the meaning of MeasureOrganizer?

Hi, the concept of AnyKinMeasureOrg is a little abstractive for me. I wonder the meaning of this AnyKinMeasureOrg. So is this AnyKinMeasureOrg Ankle_Flexion_Right means that SHANK_PART___2.EXO_ROBOT_HINGE_ANKLE_FLEXION_RIGHT and ANKLE_PART___1.EXO_ROBOT_HINGE_ANKLE_FLEXION_RIGHT, these two parts rotate around the same axis of rotation - the X-axis?

Another example is this AnyKinEq Robot_Foot_Toe_Pos_Lateral_Left. Is this code means that ToePoint1 can only move along the direction of the Y-axis in GlobalRef?

Thank you!

Hi @Taejun

The MeasureOrganizer help you pick only the coordinate that you need.
MeasureOrganizer = {1};
Means that you only pick the second coordinate of whatever measure you provide - for a AnyKinLin that would be the y component.

Also check out our tutorial on kinematic measures here: Lesson 4: Kinematic Measures — AnyBody Tutorials v7.3.4

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