When to switch mannequin drivers off?

Hi all,

So I am working with Bergamnn et al.s’ shoulder model.
I’ve changed several drivers from simple to fourier and added a GH flexion driver.

However, in the BMSettings, Bergmann et al. switched some mannequin drivers off. (Glenohumeral_Abruction and Glenohumeral_Flexion)

Now I am wondering if I need to adapt these specifications or not?! If I do so, when and how do I need to do this?

I don’t get any errors if I leave the spewcifications as they are defined by Bergamnn et al. just wondring, if it has any inpact on my simulaiton?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi Seline,

These mannequin drivers are “soft” constraints, meaning that they could be compromised when kinematics is being solved. And if you add a “hard” constraint on top of the soft one - the system will simply ignore the soft one. The problem might come when you change the kinematic solver type to a one that does not handle overdeterminacy. But otherwise that was our intent to have “replaceable” drivers. Yet it is a little more robust and better practice to have similar number of drivers and free degrees of freedom.

Kind regards,

Hi Pavel
Thank you for your answer.

In this case I assume everything is fine.