Wrapping around a wheel with groove

Hi everyone;
I’m working on a model consists of a wheel (like wheel2 in ArmCurl Model) and a rope that wraps around this wheel. The wheel fixed to the ground. But it has a groove in which the string wrap and deviated 20 degree from the rope line. So rope should wrap and deviate when moves on the wheel. I don’t have problem with wrapping (like ArmCurl) but I don’t know how to model the groove and force the string to follow this way. Can anyone help me?


I am not sure i fully understand the setup, but i will try to answer anyway.

To model a string which is wrapping in a grove i think i would try to define two axis symmetic flat ellipsoid which are place in a small distance from each other so that their combined volume forms a disc with a grove. Then when you define the string it should be wrapping on both these ellipsoids.

Does this answer your question?

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thanks for your reply, I wanted to force string to fallow certain angle when cross the wheel. Your solution seems useful.