Xsens MVN STUDIO 3.4 CD3

Dear AnyBody

I have a two c3d files (attached) supplied by Xsens for testing with the AnyBody software. I only have 5 days left of the University of Central Lancashire trial.

Please can you tell me which model/example will be the easiest to try-out with one or the other of the c3d files?

I would like to be able to investigate ankle moment profiles and change muscle off/on or with external drivers.

Kind regards, Barry


Currently, we do not have models pre-defined for XSense C3Ds. However, there are several users that managed to setup their own protocol/model to use XSense input. I uploaded a model from a user and included your stair climbing C3D. It loads and runs kinematically, but I cannot guarantee for the results produced. Further tests need to be done to ensure kinematic precision of the model.

Currently, XSense C3D files do not have force data from Force Platforms included as e.g. Vicon, Qualisys,… External forces are necessary to perform Inverse Dynamics. That means without external forces AnyBody cannot calculate the internal forces, as muscle and joint forces. There is an option of predicting those ground reaction forces in AnyBody, but it will also take some time implement that into this model.

attached model


thank you for the response.

When I try and run the AnyScript file “GaitFullBody.main” I get ERROR(SCR.SCN1)
C:/Users/b…i/A…P/x…s/GaitFullBody.main.any :
Cannot open file : C:\Users\bapiorkowski\AnyBody WIP\libdef.any

Is there a missing file from the .zip called “libdef.any”? or am I doing something else incorrectly?

Kind regards, Barry


you have to put the model (attached folder)into the AnyBody Repository. If you click in the AnyBody MOdeling System on help and DEmo, you will get the option to extract the model repository. In there will be the Body Model and all example-models.

Amir, okay thanks

I have reinstalled/update the installed demo files.

Then using the assistant loaded Main File “GaitFullBody.Main.any”. This runs ok but please can you tell me how I import the xsens c3d file?

Am I supposed to follow the same instructions as in Lesson 2: using motion capture data? If so, there is no “AnyKinMotion object” so I am unsure of where to start inputting the code. It is not very obvious (to me as a newbie) how to do this.

Reading the green comment in the Main file is even more confusing because there is no “RunMotionAndParameterOptimizationSequence” option in the tree. Is this even relevant?

Please help, Barry


I created a manual how to create a model that uses your own C3D files:


Have a look at this. The structure of the model I gave you is slightly different, but I hope it will help you.

The switch to get the Motion and Parameter optimization is in the Main File. Switch means 0 = Off, 1 = On.

Try to read this “How to…” on the Wiki and get back if something is unclear.