a model of hand with bones, muscles, and external forces

Hi all

I am trying to make a model of hand on Anybody

I want to use bones, joints and muscles in my model

and I want this model when a hand recieves a force like a vibration of mobile, please help me if anybody has information about that.

I have started this software since 3 weeks but I am confused and I didn’t any progress. I don’t know how should I start to make this model.



Hi Sani

For most of the body parts there are existing models from other research groups which you can adapt to your application. Unfortunately, no-one have created and shared such a model of the hand. The model repository does have a hand model but without muscles. But that is probably not what you need. Creating a new model with muscles from scratch is a huge job. Probably worth a few phd projects.

I am also a little unsure if a multi-body model is really what you need to study the effect of vibrations from a mobile phone. Why did you want to use AnyBody ( or any other multi-body software) for your research question?