About AnyInputC3D problem


I got a problem about inputing my C3D files(from Vicon Nexus v. 1.4.115).
The versions I used were AMS v. 5.0 and AMMR v. 1.3.1, and the files I used was attached below.
After searching all the old threads in this forum, I still can’t resolve this problem:

ERROR(OBJ.FILE1) : E:/A…y/R…y/A…1/A…n/M…s/A…D/TestInputC3D.any : MyModel.test1.FileName : Problem with file : E:\AnyBody\Repository\AMMRV1.3.1\Application\MyModels\AnyInputC3D\M2L01.c3d : The group names in the c3d file are not unique

Then, I found all my C3D files have two the same folder names “Bodymass” in the PROCESSING folder as you can see in the files I attached below.
I don’t know why Nexus system had the same names in its C3D files to result the error for inputing.
Is it possible to make AMS not to read second one(it’s not necessary information)?
or have some other ways to input the C3D files successfully?
Wish you a good day!

Hi Johnny,

I’m sorry, but at the moment, we see no way how to use those C3D files. The only solution is to change those names in a different program that can edit C3D. But I’m not aware what program can do this.

We hope to include such a feature to the AMS in the future.