AnyBody CPU usage / Speed improvement

Hello there!

I know from another post that the AnyBody team has no recommendations on the computer used for modelling (link), but I am very interested in having a faster simulation.

We are running a walking model with a custom prosthesis attached. Every simulation takes 15-20 min to complete. This does not seem to be much, but it really slows down work on the optimization of the prosthesis model. I suspect the calculation time has mostly to do with the 3 force-dependent drivers we use in the prosthesis and the 5 virtual force plates for the prosthesis. The model is driven by C3D data, consists only of trunk and legs and has no muscles (so I think we minimized the calculations for the mannequin).

To come to the point: I noted that AnyBody only uses 50% of the CPU when doing calculations. Is this a limitation set by AnyBody and is there any way to give AnyBody more CPU resources? Could a better graphic card help out?

I am running AnyBody5.1 on Windows XP Professional, Pentium 4 3,2GHz, 2GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 6800.

Hi Martin,

That is a good question. I can assure you that there is no limitation of speed built into AnyBody. We would also like the computations to go as fast as possible. The limitation has a more mathematical character in the sense that many of the computations have a sequential nature, so they are very difficult to execute in parallel. The computational thread in AnyBody will occupy a single core as much as it can but is limited by the speed of that core.

If your computer reports 50% CPU load, then it is likely because you have a dual core processor on which AnyBody uses one of the cores.

You may be able to gain some speedup by executing your computations with the console application in AnyBody, i.e. as a batch job. Please refer to the Interface tutorial to see how that is done. The console application does not have the overhead of Windows event handling, so it is considerably more efficient computationally.


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