AnyBody Modeling System v.7.2.3 relesed 🎉

We are pleased to announce that the AnyBody Modeling System v.7.2.3 and AMMR 2.2.3 has just been released.

It can be downloaded from the AnyBody Technology download page.

AMS v.7.2.3 is a bug fix release which mainly targets problems with models using BVH files, but also fixed a number of other smaller issues:

Minor updates

  • AnyInputBVH: A new mode improving the options to make data interface to the human model comprising:

    • Better options to deal with discontinuous (jumping) angular data.

    • Virtual marker data can be generated for a direct interface to a human model similar to AnyInputC3D.

    • The updated BVH model example in the AMMR shows how to use the new BVH features which insures consistent BVH simulations.

    • The old mode still exists for backwards compatibility. Modes can be selected by a switch in the class.

      :arrow_upper_right: See also: See this documentation page on how to update old models.

  • Python support: Supports version 3.8

  • Script Editor : Improved the Find in Files feature to now use the current selection as pre-filled search string.


  • Fixed an issue so that AnyBody GUI Plugin s no longer require an internet connection for starting.
  • Fixed an issue where dongle-based license would not function correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where ParamOptimization would fail if run without being part of an AnyOperationSequence.
  • Fixed a Model View bug where arrowheads would disappear for certain orientations.
  • Fixed a bug where concurrent licensing might fail and deny startup of subsequent AnyBody™ instances.

Model repository:

See the AMMR change log for a detailed list of changes to the model repository.

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The conversion of a STL file into a anysurf file seems to be unnecessarily repeated if the STL file is read multiple times in the model. In my case: 3 times left + 3 times right = 6 times for the same STL file.

Thanks for making us aware of this, i think the reason is that it can only check "once" when the loads starts if the conversion is needed, and it will not discover for the next file that this is already converted.

The next load of the model should be without the conversion, will this cause trouble for you?

Best regards