Hi !
I’m currently testing the version 6.0 and had a look on the AnykinSPSheet function to adapt the deltoid muscle.

To understand the use of this function I looked for the tutorial and downloaded the .any file named “AnyKinSPSheet.any”. However, I’ve a problem when I try to launch the inverse dynamic study. It appears that the model is overconstrained and consequently the muscle path cannot be calculated. Another (linked?) problem appears if I only launch the InitialConditions : muscle path does not seems “normal”, physiological , logical (see attached file).

Could you have a look on this file and tell me if I do something wrong or if I would have something to adjust ?

Thank you very much for your help !

Hello Lauranne,

the problems you saw are actually unrelated. The first warning you mentioned about the overconstrained model shows up because there are no muscles defined in that class example. Only the sheet, which is the measure that can be used to define a muscle using an AnySheetMuscle which defines a muscle for one line of the sheet. So basically you get the same result if you only run the Kinematics for this class example.

To the second problem: the possibilities to specify the initial conditions have been extended in AMS 6.0. It is not possible to use more than two points to define the path the wrapping starts from. To use these new facilities, options to use the inital conditions for each time step and even run an operation without wrapping where an SPLine or an SPSheet only uses the initial conditions are added to these AnyScript classes. A demo how to use these new facilities can be found in the class example of the AnyShortesPathMuscle.
To change this behavior, please find the line

InitWrapPosOnlyOnOff = On;

and change it to Off or put a comment infront of it, then the sheet should be wrapping on the surfaces.

Best regards