CT model displacement and finite element analysis

Hello AnyBody
I have some questions recently through reading other people's literature research. I hope to get your help and guidance:
1.Can the model in the replacement anybody be a solid model or a grid model? Can the femoral fracture model with internal fixation plate be imported into anybody? Will the steel plate affect the muscle force on the femur? In addition, will the steel plate also be stressed when simulating human movement?
2.The license has exceeded the maintenance period, and I can't export muscle force using plug-ins AnyFE2Abq. Is there any other method to derive the muscle force and joint force on the femur for finite element analysis?

Hi @ccran

Yes, you import your CAD models into the AnyBody Software.
We also provide a SolidWorks2AnyBody plugin which can translate your solidworks models into anybody objects.
For the analysis question you have i would advise you to read on our Force Dependent Kinematics (FDK) analysis which I think you are interested in. We have a tutorial on the matter here:

For the exporting of forces from anybody you will need to renew your maintenance period. I will be happy to draft a quote if you write your email and license information in a direct message to me.

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