EMG, Force Plate, and Motion Capture data to Drive "AnyBody Model"


For an assembly line task, we are going to use EMG, Force Plate and Motion Capture Markers. First question: Is it possible to use EMG, Force Plate and Motion Capture Markers Data into AnyBody Model at the same time because they will be collected at the same time to predict fatigue?

If we collect the data in separate files with synchronized time. Second question: Can we input EMG, Force Plate and Motion Capture Markers data at the same time in a “AnyBody Model” even if we have these data in separate files? I am asking these because it is convenient for us to collect data in separate files instead of in a single file. As I know we can improve the simulation for muscle force or % maximum voluntary contraction or muscle activity by inputing EMG signals into a “AnyBody Model”



Hi Shaheen,

It is definitly possible to use force plate and motion capture data to simulate any movement. Look at the example GaitFullBody in the repository AMMR.
Please note that the EMG is not used as input for the simulation, but it can be used for validation by comparison with the predicted muscle activation.

I don’t think there is any problem about having one or several files as long as the time is correctly synchronized.

Best regards, Sylvain.

Thanks a lot.