ERROR(OBJ.FILE1) : Problem with file : : The data file does not exist.

Find attached a small example:

If the last 3 lines of the “ReadPatientData.any” are commented in I receive the following error:

ERROR(OBJ.FILE1) :   C:/Users/.../Mo..el/ReadPatientData.any(27)  :   KinData2.FileName  :  Problem with file :   :  The data file does not exist.



Hi Fritz,

This appears to be a bug somehow related to the way the Side variable is created.

AnyStringVar Side = iffun(eqfun(SideID,0), “R”, “L”);

if you use this line instead of above it will work

AnyStringVar Side = “L”;

but I guess this does not help much ?

I have tested your model in an upcoming release here it works, I ask our developers if they know a way around this.

Best regards

Yesterday I’ve restarted with Anybody after more than a year and after few lines of code I found a bug :rolleyes:

Do you know a different way to read a side identifier from a file into Anybody?


What is wrong with: AnyStringVar Side = iffun(eqfun(SideID,0), “R”, “L”); - I checked with your code in the model from the other thread, seems to work.

Could you be more specific about the bug?

P.S. I have tried on a version of AnyBody, which is a little newer than yours.

As toerholm said: It works with the beta. But not with the last stable release.

Please see my answer in another thread. This is probably the easiest way as well to solve this problem. But then again it might not be important since C3D name construction will not work. I guess you could still use this object for output construction.

But I also see that you actually have a beta version (does it work for you?) - let’s use this approach for now as the official version should come out in some foreseeable future.