Exporting Muscle Activity to Output file

I was trying to get result from my inverse dynamic study how ever when I wrote Output file as below

AnyOutputFile SaveMuscleOutput = {
AnyString FileNameString = “_Muscle_Activity”;
FileName = “Output/H” + Main.PatientData.PatientName + “.csv”;
NumberFormat = {
Digits = 10;
Style = DecimalNumber;

// Separation sign for columns and lines
SepSign = “;”;
LineSepSign = “;”;
// Variables to be saved, one variables in one column, first column is time t:
//M. vastus lateralis
AnyVar VL =Main.Studies.InverseDynamicStudy.Output.BodyModel.Left.Leg.Mus.VastusLateralisSuperior1.CorrectedActivity;


the prgram notice me that

ERROR(SCR.PRS9) : H:/H…s/m…g/AMMR/A…n/E…s/M…l/SaveMuscleOutput.any(18) : ‘BodyModel’ : Unresolved object

I got


from Chart2D/3D
I would like to export CorrectedActivity of several muscles what should the variable path look like ?

Thank you in Advance


Hi Por,

Try using this path (I would avoid using Output of the Study):

Main.Studies.HumanModel.BodyModel. Left.Leg.Mus.VastusLateralisSuperior1.CorrectedActivity


Thank you for quick reply

I have another question. As we want to expand our personalized model to include more bone. I wonder is there the way to convert reference bone geometry such as .anysurf file from AMMR back into stl file to use as reference in another program suchas meshlab?

You can right-click on the AnyDrawSurf object in the model tree and use relevant option.

Kind regards,