extenal force- gate as input

I have 2 question:

  • in anybody how could we put external force on different parts of body (both concentrated force and pressure )
    (i wanted to put some force on one of gate examples and analyze it)

  • is it possible to have a gate (displacement and rotation of some points in body) as a input in any body, and have force/moment analisys as output?


Hi Maryam,

First of all, please fill information about yourself and your institution. This is a professional forum and we would like to know who we are helping.

Secondly, please read our ref. manual on AnyForce3D - you can find examples of code. As well as that some application of the repository use AnyForce3D class.

  AnyFolder Loads = {

    AnyForce3D HandLoad = {
      AnyRefNode &HandNode = ..Segs.LowerArm.HandNode;
      F = {0,0,-100};  // Global force in Newton
      AnyFloat FoutTest = Fout;

    AnyForce ElbowTorque = {
      AnyJoint& Jnt = ..Jnts.Elbow;
      F = {10};  // Force, equivalent to torque in Newton


Yes, it is possible to prescribe motion, both displacement and rotations, - this is a primary source of input in AnyBody. Please start by looking at the tutorials - all these questions are covered.

Kind regards,

thanks for your response
my information has been completed.