How to add exoskeleton to the MoCapModel

Hello everyone, I just started learning this software. I want to learn how to add the exoskeleton to AMMR’s MoCapModel. I am using an exoskeleton model downloaded from the official website.I saw the tutorial Making Models using SOLIDWORKS. But I feel that the MoCapModel framework is a bit different from the tutorial. So I don’t know how to start doing it. Can you tell me some steps to add exoskeleton? Any help would be greatly appreciate.
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Hi Sam,

please see this post for a temporary solution:

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Hi Sam,

Where can i find the SolidWoks CAD model of this exoskeleton.


Hi Sanka,

I am sorry we do not have this available.

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Thank you for your reply.

Hi soren,

I am a Anybody licence. Can I reach this model. Thanks for your interest

Hi Ismail,

I am sorry we do not have the SolidWorks model available only the converted anyscript model.

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