How to deal with the relationships among motion capture data of exo, kinematic constraints and drivers?


I'm still studying the stairs assist exo model. Now I am trying the kinematic joint interface model. In the InterfaceSelection.any, it is said the Exo is driven by kinematic drivers between humans. Based on the paper, Simulating the Dynamics of a Human-Exoskeleton System Using Kinematic Data with Misalignment Between the Human and Exoskeleton Joints, eight constraints were built while the motion capture data of exos and humans were recorded. I guess the human model is driven by motion capture data and exo is driven by drivers, but there is no information about the motion capture data of exo. I wanna know the details about how you deal with motion capture data, like in which file you turn off the exo motion capture data. Maybe by the following code?

  ////// Exclude Exo drivers from marker data to avoid conflict with kinematic drivers defined above in KinJoint.any
  Main.Studies.InverseDynamicStudy.MechObjectExclude = ObjSearch("ModelEnvironmentConnection.JointsAndDrivers.*Ex*");

I really learned a lot from this model. Thank you so much and sorry if I bothered you with so many questions.



Hi TJ,

That is correct. The exo mocap data is used to generate an output file with the joint angles and position of the exo. This output file is used to create drivers in inverse dynamics study. This is similar to how the mocap model deals with the movement of the human.

The code that you highlighted excludes those mocap drivers in the kinematic joint interface.


P.S. For other users, the example referred to in this question is available here.

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