How to exclude SubTalar joints?

Hi there,

I'm wondering how subtalar joints are excluded from my full-body model.

I only know if I want to remove some joints, that need to be reimplemented manually, and I guess this work will be very hard.

But if I use the "AnyMechObjectExcluder" function, can I exclude subtalar joints?

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Dwan Lee

Hi Dwan,

Yes the AnyMechObjectExcluder can be used to exclude all kinds of objects from the study including joints.

Note that the joint will still be seen in the modeltree but will not be used in the study it has been excluded from.

Please always check in the MechObjectExclude object if the search you made found the objects you desire, this can be done in the ModelTree, it will report how many objects and which one has been excluded.

Best regards

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