How to save all information about simulation

Are there some way to save all information about a simulation?

When I finish a simulation I have to save specific information about this simulation, but some time I forgot some information o I want to rescute this information to do another comparation o another studios.

How could i save all information about one simulation?

Thanks you.

Hi Pau,

First of all, please provide a little more information about yourself and institution/company you work in. This is a professional forum.

Secondly, the example of saving all output data is given in all of our examples. You can double-click on:

#include "<ANYBODY_PATH_MODELUTILS>\Operations\RunAppSequence.any"

This will open a special operation sequence that can be performed, including saving the data into an H5 file:

#if AutoSaveOption
/// This operation saves the output of the study to an h5 file in the Output folder
AnyOperationMacro save = {
MacroStr={ "classoperation Main.Study.Output " + strquote("Save data") + " --type=Deep" + " --file="+ strquote(ANYBODY_PATH_OUTPUT + "/" + ANYBODY_NAME_MAINFILE + ".anydata.h5")};

Kind regards,

Hi Pavel.

First of all, I am Pau Zamora Ortiz, PhD student by POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY OF VALENCIA (UPV), just I started my reserching in July in 2019 about biomechanical and specific about ACL damage in the knee.

I am learning about AnyBody and I need more experience, it is dificult for me understand the program.

Secondly, thanks for your reply, I have finded file "RunAppSequence.any" and I have activated the secuence for auto save the results.

Kindr regards,

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