Improvement of partial bone morphing

Is there a way to improve the partial morphing of the attached example without adding more Landmarks?

I want to avoid the “Cut&Glue”-Method described here:

Thanks in advance

Dear Fritz,

It should be possible, but I suspect you will not really benefit much and I have not tried it myself to the full extent.

One can use several STL surfaces at the same time for AnyFunTransform3DSTL transformation to perform the closest point automated landmark selection. So the idea would be to have 2 source and 2 target surfaces, where you cut the deformed source surface in 2 parts using the edge of your target mesh (leave some gap for the closest point finding algorithm not to mix up proximal and distal components). This will give you the following set:

source stls = {source-proximal-deformed, source-distal-deformed}
target stls = {source-proximal-deformed, target partial bone}.

AnyFunTransform3DSTL should be able to pick such set as an input. You should also remove the pretransforms section. I hope you roughly get the idea.

The question is what you need it for. If you want to improve the soft tissue attachment areas - the error is relatively small and the moment arms are somewhat close to what they should be. You could, of course, improve it a little further.

If you need this surface for the contact analysis - i believe you could take your target surface and use it, leaving the morphing at the current stage as well.


P.S. In a way it is “Cut&Glue” scenario, but at this point I can’t think of another way.