Inverse dynamics error

I’m making hand-detail model but I got a error in Inverse dynamics study

Muscle recruitment solver : solver aborted due to singular KKT matrix.

I wanted to solve this problem but I don’t know what causes it

Model files are in the folder “Application” -> “Examples” ->“Handmodeltest”

I use AMMRV 1.6.3 .

thanks for your reply in advance


I have tried to run the model but i could not see it fail, it ran all the steps with no error. Which version are you running of AMS?

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I’m using Anybody version 6.0.4 4327(64bit version) now


I have tried again running the model and it works for me with the exact same version of AMS.

To make sure we are running the same model please try to download the zip from here and rerun it.

I am running HandModel.Main.any and the RunApplication sequence.

If this still creates trouble we would like to know which version of windows you are using.

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oh my god. It works. I downloaded the zip from here and it worked. but it doesn’t work what I have. I don’t know what’s the reason for this problem. anyway thank you very much.