Measurement of anthropometric data for GaitFullBody


I would like to know where to measure the anthropometric data for the GaitFullBody model exactly.

PelvisWidth - As this is the distance between the centres of rotation I cannot really measure it? I could use the Vicon calculated values?

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Hey patrick,

welcome back to the forum. I don’t understand completely, do you want to measure the anthropometrics on a subject (in vivo) and then use that as input?
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Hi Amir,

maybe my question wasn’t clear enough.
I thought the point of these anthropometrics would be to use the in vivo data. Maybe this assumption was just wrong.
If it was possible to use the in vivo data it would be useful to know how to measure exactly: For example should I measure the ThighLength from trochanter to epicondylus or to the joint gap and so on.

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Hey Patrick,

the “parady” account is killing me… I really don’t know what’s going on there.

About the antrhopmetrics, yes you are right! I just wasn’t sure what you meant with the first post. If you provide the in vivo measured segments lengths it will help the model extremely!
In general, the length is from joint center to joint center. Some special segments like trunk, pelvis head are measured different, but you can find a little description in the ANyMan.any file in the GaitFullBody Model…

We use very often the segment lengths from MoCap systems, like XSens, Vicon, … However, due to different topography (how their model/ stick figure is constructed) AnyBody will still change slightly the segment lengths.
E.g. for the femur:
Hip Joint center on one side and Vicon actually has a spherical joint in the knee, therefore that is used as one point. In AnyBody it is a hinge/revolute joint, so we roughly use a point between the epichondyles on the knee joint axis.

Hi Amir,

thanks for the answer. Maybe you could still consider to create some kind of guide with pictures for the measurements of the anthropometrics in the future because that would clear things up, especially for the upper extremities.



I was looking for the definition of ThighLength & ShankLength in the MocapModel, because it’s missing in “TrialSpecificData.any”.

I found this thread:

ThighLength: This is the length from hipjoint center to knee joint
ShankLength: Length from KneeJoint center to Ankle joint center
FootLength: Length from Ankle joint center to a node named toe tip
which is located at the tip of the big toe. You can try to add
an AnyDrawRefFrame in this node to see it location.
PelvisWidth: Distance from Right hip joint center to left hip joint
TrunkHeight: Distance from C1HatNode joint to L5Sacrum joint
HeadHeight: Height in neutral position from C1HatNode to top of head
UpperArmLength: Distance from GH joint center to FE joint center
LowerArmLength: Distance from elbow joint center to wrist joint
Is this correct for ThighLength & ShankLength in “TrialSpecificData.any”?


Yes, it is.