Modify an existing model

I need to make the following modifications to the original model, and I would like to ask you a few questions during the modification process. I am using AMMRV1.0.
A modification to the model is that I want to cut the tibia in the middle into two parts, proximal and distal, and connect the two parts with a rigid joint. Do this to simulate a lower limb fracture. So I want to export the thigh part with the existing model and modify it further.

  1. I want to confirm to you that if I export the tibia model in Anybody as stl type, modify the model in solidworks and rebuild the coordinate system, and then import it into Anybody again, is the thigh model coordinate system in Anybody the same as Solidworks The same as set in .
  2. I cut his tibia model in half from the middle and imported it into the original model. It is planned to first import the proximal part into the shank part, replace the original tibia_bone.anysurf file with the modified proximal proximal.stl, and display it. Then create a new rigid body to import the distal part, and connect the proximal and distal parts with rigid joints. However, there is a problem with the display results in the first step of importing the proximal part. It is found that the shape and size of the proximal bones have changed. What is the matter?

It will be very grateful if I can receive your reply, and look forward to hearing from you, thank you.

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For the second problem, I found that the stl format is wrong. I used the binary format, which needs to be changed to ascii format.
But when I first imported the stl format of the intercepted proximal part of the tibia to replace the original tibia_bone.anysurf, I found that the position of proximal.stl was floating in the air. But I directly replaced tibia_bone.anysurf with proximal.stl, the position of tibia is correct, why the position of proximal import is wrong.

Hi Xu,

If you change the coordinate system of the STL file, then it will be loaded with the new coordinate system. Each STL file will be loaded according to the coordinate system associated with the file. Please also note that when you export the surface, you have the option to export with global or local coordinate system. I can't say specifically for AMMR v1.0, but my guess would be that you should export with the global reference system and then leave the coordinate system as it is.

Before trying any modifications, you should try to figure out the right settings firstly. You could try to export the tibia stl with the global reference system, and then import it back in AnyBody by changing the filename to the exported stl in the script. Once you know the right settings, then you can proceed further with your modifications about cutting the tibia.

I hope this helps.

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