muscle recruitment type for GaitLowerExtremity


I did not find the muscle recruitment type in GaitLowerExtremity.any.

Does GaitLowerExtremity.any uses the default recruitment type? If so, please could you let me know which type is the default.

If I want to change the recruitment type, I guess I should add the following line in GaitLowerExtremity.any:

InverseDynamics.Criterion = {
Type = MR_Quadratic;
UpperBoundOnOff = Off;
Gravity ={0.0, 0,-9.81};
tStart = Main.TrialSpecificData.tStart+2Kinematics.ApproxVelAccPerturb;
tEnd = Main.TrialSpecificData.tEnd-2

The above lines are in [SIZE=3][SIZE=3]
AnyBodyStudy[/SIZE] InverseDynamicStudy = {…}

[/SIZE]If I change these lines, can I get a different muscle recruitment type?

Thanks in advance.



Yes. You are right. You can change the muscle recruitment type as you did.

And the default muscle recruitment criteria is the polynomial muscle recruitment with power 3(p=3) if there is not any specification.

You can find this in the tutorial.
‘Inverse dynamics of muscle systems’->Lesson 4: Polynomial muscle recruitment

I hope this may help you.

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