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Dear AnyBody,

I need to create models for multiple subjects and wonder if there is a script that automatically export the model results after the simulation is done (e.g., angles, moments, JRFs, etc.), so I don’t have to manually export model results in Chart Windows. I did a quick search and didn’t find much luck on this topic.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

Hi Phoebe,

Depending on how you run the multiple models there can be different ways.

If you run them manually i would use the AnyOutPutFile to generate and save the results as .csv files.

If you run the trials using the python processing framework there are smarter ways that allows automatic creation of graphs in python.

Please see e.g.


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Hi Soren,

I would like to use the AnyOutPutFile, but i am wondering whether there is a method to generate the entire inverse dynamics study as .csv?
I understand this can be done manually by defining each item you want to generate.
But is there a simple method to export all of the inverse dynamics results?

Thanks for your help,

Hi Darius,

Yes and no.

There is no automatic way to export the entire output into a csv file, but instead it can be exported as a .h5(hdf) file.

This is a standard data format which python and matlab has readers for.

If you right click an output folder in the ModelTree and choose save output it will create the file. It can also be setup to run as an operation which is executed after the analysis is finished, this is done for example in our mocap models.

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Hi Soren,

Great, thanks for your help,

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