outputfile for parameterstudies


Id like to get an output file for my parameter studies, but I dont get how to use the anyoutputfile in the studies.

My code looks like this:

AnyParamStudy landmarks= 
      LogFile = "";
      Analysis = 
        AnyOperation &Operation = Main.Study.InverseDynamics;
      nStep = {3};
AnyDesVar offset_x =  {...};

AnyDesMeasure angle ={
Val = ...
AnyDesMeasure force ={
Val = ...

AnyOutputFile outputfile = {
FileName = "test.txt"


So, how do I refer to the AnyDesMeasure Values?
And how do I create the output file that the parameter which changes and the values are all listed in the file?

I assume the file will be saved in the folder which contains the main file, right?

Thanx guys for ur help!

Ok, it is working now. dunno what changed, but it is running fine now :wink: thanx anyways

Is there a chance to put the current date in output file? And I’d like to a add a few information about my model to the file, which should be plain text.
I used AnyString in the Header which looks pretty stupid so there might be a better solution.
The file should look like this



col0 col1 col2 …


This is not part of the settings of the AnyOutputFile, so i think you simply cannot write it into the file automatically from AnyBody.

Best regards, Sylvain.