Overloaded muscle configuration (Psoas Major)

I'm using Plug-in-gait_Simple model.
I did motion capture of several people.

I ran parametricidentification and Run analysis in the standing position.
All markers are matched well.

I don't know why the overloaded muscle configuration occur. It's occured in Psoas Major.

Has anybody experienced similar thing?


In the frame in your image the model is not in contact with the force plates so I guess that you are missing support on the model.
You can try and crop your c3d file so the first frame is when the model is in contact with the plates.

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Thanks. It's helping me a lot.
But the same error occur in other model too as below.

I've seen it a lot of time and it's always Psoas Major.

Here is a link to the most common issues when adjusting the mocap models:

Try and go through it step-by-step and see if you pinpoint the issue.

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Thanks. for your kind response

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