Question about the extra drivers in the TrialSpecificData.any

when I run the initial position, it shows that "Kinematic analysis failed in time step 0 : Failed to solve position analysis". I search the problem and find that might be for a bad guess on the initial position. But the distance between the red and blue markers seems to be OK as I compare with the successed one(picture). Also the initial positon is the same(picture). So what should i adjust in the TrialSpecificData.any to make it run well?
Also I swith the ON to OFF in the EXTRA DRIVERS. But the result about the foot angles sre not well even it runs successfully in that case.
thank you

Hi Lydia,

I also do not visually see why there should be a difference in the two cases.

I think the initial conditions can easily be improved by changing the joint angles in the trialspecific.any file. Try for example to increase left hip abduction. You could also move the upper thigh maker a bit upwards.

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Sorry for my late reply
I used another one and it is OK

Thank you

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