Segment torsion

Dear all

I have a question about segment torsion. E.g. the femur bone has a torsion. Is this torsion also modelled within the thigh segment of AnyBody?
And is there anyway to make changes to the segments torsion?

In ModelSegmentParameters.any / Thigh I find RotNeutral. Does this variable have anything to do with the torsion?

I am using AnyBody version 6. 0. 4., AMMR.v1.6.2, LowerExtemity MoCap model with my own c3d data (modelling gait).

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Dear Nathalie,

If your mention of ‘torsion’ means a kind of deformation of the bone, there is no specific parameter in the AMMR for that purpose.

If you want to implement a kind of torsion on your model, it will be nice to refer to our patient-specific modeling chapter in the tutorial:

I hope this may be helpful to you.

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