The analysis sequence for Plug-in-gait_Simple model

Dear Sir,

Hope you have a nice day.

The Anybody version that I use now is 7. 1. 2. 6044 (64-bit version), and the AMMR version is v2.1.1.

Once I have used Anybody v6.0, but when first seeing the new v7.0 interface, I feel strange with it.

I met many problems when learning the new version, and need your help.

Now I want to know the correct analysis sequence for Plug-in-gait_Simple model.

Shall I run RunParameterIdentification first, then RunAnalysis (MarkerTracking + InverseDynamics) ?
And I found that if I run RunParameterIdentification first, it’s easily to meet some errors, the optimization failed.

Please help confirm the question above.
Thanks in advance.