The problem results from the model gait


I make an analysis of gait of children with cerebral palsy. I have a model walk and c3d files. I made the calculations and the results come out incorrect. My files c3d probably are not adapted to the model on which I perform calculations. Please help change the model so that the results were correct.

this model was made with a very old AnyBody Modeling System and Model REpository. Can you specify which versions you used? Can you update and use a more recent one?

Thank You for the answer. I use Anybody 5.2 and AMMR 1.5.What can I do in this case?

we usually do not help on AMS version older than one version back. 5.2 is older then that.
I tried to have a quick look. The current model is not loading because you have a ForcePlateType1?

if I run it without forceplates, I get a warning
Model Warning: Study ‘Main.Studies.InverseDynamicStudy’ contains too few kinematic constraints to be kinematically determinate.
Evaluating model…

and it looks you dont have drivers for the upper body?