Trying to check the distribution of the contact surface using FDK

I'm using FDK to calculate the contact forces on the joint.
By using "AnyForceSurfaceContact", the force applied on the surface stl could be investigated.
But, I want to know the distribution of the forces in each frame not the sum of the force that can be Fmaster or Fslave.
I can see the distribution during the inverse dynamics simulation is working by turing on the function, ForceViewOnOff.
However, it seems to be removed after the simulation was done.

Please, let me know how to check the contact force distribution when using FDK


AnyForceSurfaceContact relies on the intersection of surfaces, which could have millions of vertices and faces - keeping this kind of output ( x number of time steps) in the memory would overload your computer. This is also not very practical to process data like this as it could have very tricky topology. This is why you could only look at the equivalent forces/moments and at the geometric information such as Center Of Pressure (COP). This is probably the main reason for Replay not supporting those contact drawings yet.

If you want to see regional influences - split the surfaces into areas of interest and analyze those contacts separately.

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