Updated articles and other references

Dear AnyBody team,

Do you have any recent "articles" similar to (A generic detailed rigid-body lumbar spine model by
Mark de Zee 2007) and also other most recent references talking about the latest version of AnyBody Software. I need information such as the updated features of the generic and especially the spine model (or spine fixation model) that includes number of muscles, ligaments, joints, fascicles, etc. plus more detailed information on the updated version of AMS and AMMR and how it works because the previous article talks about older version of the software.

Thank you very much,

HI @faa198501

We publish all changes in the AMS and AMMR in their corresponding changelog files.
For the AMS you find it in the GUI. Open the Help menu and select "Release Notes".

For the AMMR you can find them here.

You might also find our research paper list valuable for searching on specific model usage.

Best regards,