Which input data needed for the 'MoCap-GMFoot' ?

Hello, I have some question to make input data for ‘MoCap-GMFoot’ model in latest AMMR version.

Input data for foot model seems to 4 input files

Motioncapture.C3D --> Motion capture file
PressureData.txt --> Pressure mat raw data
DorsiFlexionLateral.txt --> TaloNavicularDorsiFlexion
DorsiFlexionMedial.txt --> CalcaneoCuboidDorsiFlexion

and *-CoeffVec.txt is obtained by both ‘FirstRun’ and ‘InverseDynamicModel’ is ‘on’

My questions are as follows

  1. It seems to ‘DorsiFlexionMedial.txt’ and ‘DorsiFlexionLateral.txt’ are related with ‘CalcaneoCuboidDorsiFlexion’ and ‘TaloNavicularDorsiFlexion’.
    How can I measure the ‘TaloNavicularDorsiFlexion’ and ‘CalcaneoCuboidDorsiFlexion’ ? Is there protocol or model to make ‘DorsiFlexionMedial.txt’ and ‘DorsiFlexionLateral.txt’ files?

  2. How to make ‘*-PressureData.txt’ from original pressure data? Are there rules to pressure data from original (analog) pressure mat data? The original pressure mat data seems to be cropped by activation region of the insole type pressure mat.

  3. how to map pressure of the pressure mat to nodal force? The raw pressure data seems to be automatically mapped on nodal point on foot.

PLease have a look here:


@1: this is some sort of rhythm and can be used for all subjects.

@2&3: this is the file format and style that comes out of the RSScan software that was used for this model.