Xsens C3D marker protocol


I am currently trying to use my own c3d files collected from Xsens within the plug-in-gait_Simple demo folder.

My issues is c3d marker set that gets exported from Xsens. I have tried to adjust the marker protocol within Anybody to the markers that come from Xsens however there are markers that are missing within Xsens. The only way I have resolved this is by putting the file in Mokka (c3d software) and creating new markers that represent what is missing. However these configurations cannot be saved and re-applied to other files. So this becomes very time consuming for multiple files.

Is there a specific software that can translate the c3d from Xsens to what is needed in anybody? or if new configurations can be made within a software, can this be saved and applied to multiple files for export?

Or is there a simpler way of solving this problem?