Disc stiffness calculation

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I would like to ask about how disc stiffness is calculated in spine FDK model because I can see that there are coefficients and polynomial functions in the AnyFolder “disc stiffness” and I am not sure which one is being used.

If there’s a way to change between coefficients and polynomial please let me know how with an example.

Also kindly let me know of the references used not only for coefficients but also fir polynomials.

Thank you very much

Hi @faa198501

You can right click the properties from the model tree and select "Locate in AnyScript" to jump to the implementation - then you can see which of the statements are active.

You can switch between the different disc stiffness options by using the BM_TRUNK_DISC_STIFFNESS define statement. It has a none, linear or non-linear setting.

The references are written in the DiscStiffness.any file as comments.

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What's the difference between DiscRupture.any values and cumulative IVD values? and which is used when the BM_TRUNK_DISC_STIFFNESS is set to None so as to use coefficients instead of polynomial functions?

I need to understand disc stiffness more, please kindly help and also let me know of more references other than in the comments of DiscStiffness.any that I can write about in my research

Thank you again

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