Error Message


I have created some models for arm movement. When run the models without muscles everything is ok, but when I load the mucles I get error messages from this kind:

ERROR(OBJ.LIB.OOS1) : C:/D…n/D…i/D…p/r…y/A…0/Body/A…n/Arm/Muscle.any : subscapularis_4.SPLine : Unexpected exception in the library OOSol :
OOSol exception : MISSING MESSAGE.

Then the models stops. In the different models the muscle is different.

What could be the problem?
(Just for reference I am using version 4.0.2)


Hi Desislava,

It seems that your problem may be related to the muscle wrapping algorithm of the AnyShortestPathMuscle object.

Please refer to this previous thread:

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