Unexpected exception in the library OOSol

Hi, AnyBody!
I’m creating a very simple model of something, that looks like humans leg with wrapping muscles.
So there are an error in Kinematics:
0) Kinematic analysis…
ERROR(OBJ.LIB.OOS1) : C:/U…s/P…a/D…p/A…y/R…s/A…1/A…n/Homo/B…2/MusclesLeg.any : HipOutside.SPLine : Unexpected exception in the library OOSol :
OOSol exception : MISSING MESSAGE.

Hi Pavel,

A small tip: many of the error messages have been discussed on the forum and you may find something useful on the forum and on the wiki page.

This error message is most likely caused by the wrapping surface definition. I have tried loading your model and can see that your wrapping surfaces are too thin - slipping may lead to the numerical instability. Try increasing the height of your cylinders.