GaitApplication2 v1.6 available for download in the filesection

Dear all,

A new version of the GaitApplication2 application is now available
for download from the filesection. This version fixes a couple of
minor bugs in the previous version but most importantly, it has a new
model available that can be used together with the new TLEM lower
extremity model that has just been made available. The application
still supports the old lower extremity model. Documentation for the
input language for the new model has also been updated and can be
found in the .pdf file in the software package.

As stated for the previous releases, this setup is still to be
considered a temporary solution until all this functionality is build
into the AnyBody modeling system.

We shall do our very best to support the use of this application
together with the AnyScript lower extremity model.

All bug reports, comments (both positive and negative!) as well as
feature requests are very welcome.

Have fun modeling!

Best regards
Michael Skipper Andersen
The AnyBody Research Project