Getting a license

Hello Jesse,

Welcome to the group and to the AnyBody System.

I can see in our database of users that the registration is causing
problems in some cases, so you are definitely not the only one.

I suspect that the problem is in the dialogue we have set up. Any
info from Jesse or other users on where it is difficult to
understand would be much appreciated so that we can improve the

Here are the steps you need to take to get a license:

  1. Download and install the AnyBody Modeling System. I presume
    you have done so.

  2. Launch the system. It will refuse to start because you do
    not yet have a license code. But it will provide you with a hardware
    id on the screen that you need to complete your registration. I
    propose you copy the ID to your clipboard (highlight and type ctrl-
    c). Leave AnyBody running.

  3. Go to and log in with your email
    address and the password that was mailed to you after you

  4. Read the license conditions carefully and proceed to the
    bottom of the page. In the empty field, paste in the hardware ID
    that the AnyBody Modeling System provided you with (ctrl-v), accept
    the conditions, and click “Go to next stage”.

  5. On the next page, copy the license key that is provided, go
    back to the AnyBody Modeling System (or start it again if you closed
    it) and paste the license key into the proper field. This should
    activate the system.

If you are still having problems, please let me know, and please
decribe where things seem to go wrong.

Thanks for your interest, and good luck.

AnyBody Technology.

— In, Jesse Rodriguez <jesselathe@y…>
> Hello,
> my name is Jesse I’m new to the group.
> I’m interested in learning body modeling.
> I still have not been able to install properly
> the Anybody program, please help me to get the license
> to run it.
> Thank you!
> Jesse.