how can i convert periodic function to fourier driver

how can i convert this below fourmula into fourier driver in anybody?
r(t)= L/(1- ecos(wt-phi))
L and e is constant, how can i get coef A and B from Tylor expansion?


Your equation can be re-written like this:

r(t)= L- Lecos(w*t-phi));

So we can use AnyKinEqFourierDriver like this:

      AnyKinEqFourierDriver driver = 
        AnyKinMeasureOrg& org = <SOMETHING YOU DEFINE>;
        Type = cos;
        Freq = w / (2.0*pi) ;
        A = {{L, (-1)*L*e}};
        B = {{0, -phi}};

And I attached an example of AnyKinEqFourierDriver which produce elliptical trajectory.
I hope this may help you.

Best regards,